Martin Parker

Can I fit a Pi in it?

I often see things and think can I fit a Raspberry Pi in it and or control it?

Yes it's ridiculous, crazy and an accident waiting to happen but I think it's great and I love it as well as the mints. It works as it should do and shouldn't have any problems as the PCB is secured in place. Many people have used other things to house their Pi but I don't think I've seen any in a Smint mint tin.

Obviously I enjoyed the mints and then I put masking tape around the case and marked out where the connections needed to be. Using a 3mm drill bit I drill many holes and then used a precision file to smooth off the edges. I made sure no filings was inside before test fitting let alone final installation of the Pi Zero W. Sadly no access to the GPIO's and would ruin the look of it with a big cut out, WiFi is weakened but it does work.

This Pi Zero case is so cool, it's spearmint fresh.

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