Martin Parker

Easy Timer

I came up with the idea for this project to help someone at work to trigger GPIO outputs wired to relays to switch on Christmas Lights but it could be used for a timer of anything. He didn't know how to code and so I made this program that would create another Python script that would run once, loop so many times or keep looping.

Easy Timer would simply ask some questions for the initial setup like output filename, loop options and polarity. All you needed to do was figure out all your steps as in the flow of GPIO's on or off and for how long.

You would enter how many steps you needed and then start inputing which GPIO on/off and delay time seconds / milliseconds per step. When completed you would be prompted on how to run your script and it will do exactly how you programmed it.

I think it's a great little program to assist anyone who's not confident in coding but can then look at the output file to get an understanding on how to implement into their own code.

The pictures below show the whole process and we do 3 steps.
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